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Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is here!

It is… it is here! HERE!

This blog post is not intended as a guide for installing Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2.  Anyone who needs help with the installation should go back to school and re-learn these 2 simple vocabularies - “Next” and “Finish”. ;)

Beta 2 release of Visual Studio 2010, codenamed “Rosario”, is made available to MSDN Subscribers today and to the general public on October 21st. Not sure about how you feel, but I am elated to have it installed in my laptop. This beta 2 release signifies a major milestone for Visual Studio as Microsoft is also announcing its new logo which replaces the legacy Visual Studio logo we had ever since the release of Visual Studio 97 in 1997. Do you also notice the new cool look of MSDN – repainted with a new color theme?


Together with its new logo, Microsoft is also announcing the new SKUs for Visual Studio 2010 and their transitions. “Visual Studio Team Suite” is now known as “Visual Studio Ultimate”. And also there will be “Premium” and the usual “Professional” editions. I will blog more about the editions and features comparison in another post.

Below is a quick glance at how Visual Studio 2010 installation looks like. Remember? This is not a guide.


The usual “autorun” dialog with 3 options. New logo, but same user experience.


This release (beta 2) comes with lots of features out of the box – ASP.NET MVC 2, Web Deployment Tool, Silverlight 3 SDK, Office and SharePoint 2010 development tools, UML modeling and, most excitingly, I found great tooling support for WPF. Mobile development is missing in this release though, and sadly, Windows Mobile 6 SDK simply refuses to be installed on VS 2010 beta 2. Cloud Computing – Azure is left as a placeholder, but the team promises to release VS 2010 beta 2 compatible Azure SDK on soonest.


Again, the new-look-same-user-experience finishing screen.



The new beautified splash-screen really made my monitor wet! Hey, you gotta hold your saliva, man!


Here is the environment/profile selection dialog.

Can you see??? Can you see that “Web Development (Code Optimized)” option?

Okay, have you had enough of the excitement already?  Here is the deal!  Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 release delivers the “Go Live” rights in the license to allow you, our customers, to truly evaluate the use of the product and platform in production environments. So, don’t wait till it’s RTM.  This is an opportunity for you to conduct proof of concept work and get yourself familiarized with the state-of-the-art technologies and the development tool.

Finally, if you are thinking of asking me the RTM release date, save your breath.  The official launch of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 is March 22nd 2010.

Meanwhile, you enjoy your Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 and let’s countdown the RTM!