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Virtualisation in LongHorn RC0, First look...

Finally, RC0 is available, and it contains a preview of what virtualisation in Microsoft may look like. Been waiting for the new virtualisation mainly because I wanted to try Exchange 2007, and see what it can do. And Exchange 2007 can only run on 64-bit environment, but virtual server 2005 R2 doesn't support 64-bit environment. Sure, VMWare does a better job in this area, I agree... But I was bitten by memory leak in VMWare before, and I had to reboot each time I switch off a virtual machine to release it (which may not be a bad thing, as Vista is also leaking memory on me), but I just wanted to give Microsoft one last time to catch up (which they have a very good history, and also I don't want to convert my library of virtual machines to VMWare and not able to convert back because of work reasons... (May be ill-informed in this area)

Anyway, my desktop "server" at home has 3 harddisk, 2 x 300gb, 1 x 500gb, and I'm running out of space already. Courtesy of Chewy Chong, he T-loan me a 80GB sata harddisk, and because of that, I have LongHorn RC0 running now! Thanks Chewy!

However, after installation, there are only 17 server roles. Virtualisation is not listed as one of the role. Quick IM with Chewy points me to this post. Installing the two KB hotfix (Though I don't think this is the right name), and a reboot give me the virtualization role! Yeh!

Firing up the virtualisation manager (I think it is what that's called, I'm not at my server now) gives me a very unfamiliar interface. Creating new virtual machines is easy, but adding existing virtual machines is almost impossible (Almost because I may be ill informed). But I can create a new virtual machine and use the existing harddisk though. There are a lot more things to configure, like number of CPU, VLAN and other stuff. I'll leave the details to a later post when I get to play with it more. But one thing to note, when virtualisation uses a network card, it disables all the IP protocol, and hence you need to have another network card on the machine to access it remotely. So have to make another trip to Sim Lim.

Performance also feels sluggish, which is understandable, since it is preview. But I'm looking forward to see more...


Published Friday, September 28, 2007 9:59 AM by kitkai


# Virtualisation in LongHorn RC0, First look...@ Friday, September 28, 2007 11:46 AM

Finally, RC0 is available, and it contains a preview of what virtualisation in Microsoft may look like