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Integrating MOSS 2007 with Community Server - Part 3

After getting the providers configured, and enabling anonymous access, SgDotNet was able to serve authenticated users but not anonymous access. But almost the same environment with the exception of a domain controller in my development machine allows anonymous access. Having no time, I just shelved that until SharePoint RTM.

Finally, I have to upgrade the installation to RTM, because we are going to start planning for community launch for office, vista and exchange, which will probably happen next year around april timeframe. Upgrade was smooth, thanks to Shane Young's walkthrough. Took a deep breathe, and hit What greated me was the publishing template homepage! *Happy*

Tried sign-in as my community server credentials. No error, but I'm still at the login page... *Scratch Scratch*. Sign out from the community server, and I'm automatically signed to SharePoint. Fire up my msn, and got Icelava at the other end.

After we sync up the machine keys in the web.configs, we have SSO! Now SGDotNet has a CMS and portal system!!! And you know what? The best thing is the check-in check-out feature works (not that it shouldn't, but it's cool!) across zones! Meaning, if I check out the default.aspx page at, the default page at (which is using AD to authenticate) is also checked out!

 We are finally alive once again! Next obstacle, event registration!

Published Wednesday, December 20, 2006 6:29 PM by kitkai