Norton 2010 Launch Event


This event is held to commemorate the launch of Norton 2010 security suit. Each participate has a goodie bag which comprises of a XL T-Shirt, wireless mouse, Norton 2010 CD and a complimentary SG Flyer ticket.

We had good dinner and after dinner, there are some games which include making your own eggdrop machine which catches an egg without making it break from 2 metres.

Next, we are shown the video where the Norton guys proved their new technology of having everyone identify which is a good file versus a bad file which are feedback gathered from around the world. This cloud technology let them determine malware even before virus signatures are made. The new Norton 2010 is using less resources than the previous 2009 version. We are also shown videos of underground economy selling people's identity, credit card details online. Security is a must if you are doing online transactions.

The Norton guys told us freeware anti-malware software usually give people a false sense of security that they are "protected". I very much agreed with this sentence as most locals here seldom fork out money to buy the software they need. They rather depend on freeware found online.

Our Table 9 won the 2nd runner-up for the eggdrop machine. We won $10 haagen daz voucher each.

Before leaving home, I collected my ipod shuffle 4 gig which I won during the beta lucky draw.


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