Myths and truths about the IT field

Myth: Developement server is not important, server can die but Production server cannot die.

Truth: Development server host application build and tools to build the original source code. These are then migrated to UAT followed by production server.

development -> uat ->. deployment -> ends up in customer hands
similar scenario:
milk cow -> mikman goes ard to distribute mIlk cartons -> milk bottles in supermart -> ends up in customer hands

seeing the diagram flow, if you don't milk the cow, where to find the milk bottles in the supermart? Answer: wait long long, u will never. Similarly, if development server is down or hard disk crash, there will not be new application builds and the customer may need to find another vendor to supply Him with new milk supply or application updates.

Myth: Requirement specs are just paperwork for show to the customer. They do not affect the end results or timeline of the project.

Truth: They do affect. Incorrect requirement specs results in developer coding the wrong functions. Then have to restart all over again and redo the code, retest and deploy. Imagine the time wasted when you do not have the correct specs in the lst place.

Myth: USB Wireless card got light means can connect to network.

Truth: Even USB wireless card got green light turn on, if it is plugged to an non-working port, it still cannot connect to the router!

Myth: When we outsource projects, we save money.

Truth: When you outsource projects, the vendor will have your domain knowledge and you will be at the mercy of the vendor unfortunately.

Myth: When we outsource our HR department to an external job recruitment agency, we save money.

Truth: Job agency only interested in earning regular income and employing contract IT staff. Once the contract ends, they will ask the staff to renew the contract and not convert the staff to perm. As long as the staff is under contract, the agency earns the money and the company is at the mercy of the agency. Contract staff also have the tendency to quit once their contract ends because of the lousy benefits and you have to spend time to retrain new staff all over again. Time to retrain = Money wasted.

Myth: IT problems always have 1 single solution to each and every problem.
         We are taught from school that every maths problem will have one solution from young in our education system.

Truth: There can never be 1 solution to each problem in IT field. You got to get your hands dirty, experiment and try till you succeed in actual fact.

         In fact, there is a common saying "Many roads lead to Rome".
         Similarly, In IT field, there is no model answer which our lecturers in polytechnic tend to believe in who always give us model answers
        when we requested.  This tends to spoilt some of us in thinking that for each and every problem,
         there will be a model answer just waiting in the corner in an expert's brain. 

Myth: As a boss, I will scold and scream at my employees to get things done, no matter how they feel, so that they will be scared of my authority and scramble like rats to work.

Truth: After you scream and scold them, do you think they will help you when an critical error strikes? Common sense rolls in.

Myth: As a collegue, I will scold and scream if I can not solve my programming error so I can conveniently pass to my collegue whom I just scolded, so that everyone will think he is at fault.

Truth: After you scream at the collegue who work 24x7 everyday and help you out of goodwill, do you think next time he will help you again? Common sense again rolls in.

more to add once i think of
Published Wednesday, February 13, 2008 4:47 PM by darenhan
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