happening saturday in hdb block


yesterday was a happening day. My neighbour suddenly knock on my door and told me that smoke is coming from his kitchen.

I went back to my kitchen sink and smell smoke too. Then I open up the rubbish chute and more smoke is coming out. I quickly pour water down the

 chute. My neighbour was quick to dismantle his gas cylinder from his gas stove.

The rest of the neighbours downstairs was wondering whether it is a fire. The police and fire department came....They pulled out the rubbish chute and

finally found out why. It was a cigarette butt from someone in our block.  Then the police and fire department people left without finding who is the

culprit. Wonder who is so inconsiderate to throw down a cigarette butt without diminishing the flame first and causing all the commotion downstairs.

A cigarette butt  can burn the whole hdb just because of 1 person's selfishness.....  






Published Sunday, July 29, 2007 5:48 AM by darenhan
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