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Timeline - AJAX widget for visualizing time-based events, and more

One of my colleague told me about this nice AJAX widget called timeline. Check it out and see for your yourself!

The "dragging" feature reminds me of google chart that is used to illustrate financial events reported in the news. Example at

We discussed more on the google's GWT - - Build AJAX apps in the Java language. For an insightful introduction, read this interview with the Google software engine on this project.

Gmail, Google maps, ... The "re-invention" of javascript made a lot of difference to the web applications - in the past people discount the use of javascript because it could be counter-productive to development in what the application is supposed to perform, but in the end, those "ui elements" matter very much too, once the reuse and compositive power is exploited.

P.S. Reading of the "Project Guide" at is espeically interesting, not only on "what it is" but also "how and why it comes", eg the author says what kinds of things GWT isn't about,

(Not) Being a monolithic framework We don't like those all-or-nothing heavy "app frameworks" any more than you do. That's why we designed GWT to be made up of independently useful parts.

Posted Jan 09 2007, 03:52 PM by blackinkbottle
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FPics wrote re: Timeline - AJAX widget for visualizing time-based events, and more
on 03-13-2007 7:22 AM

Simile Timeline AJAXy widget is a very good tool to visualize events or produce photo stories.

As an example:

Just add event images to your timeline.

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